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back to basics.


A group of people with a common purpose: to bring together a community around an inclusive technology consulting project. We return to our origins, through a sustainable corporatism strategy – work-life balance, remote work, community involvement – whose ultimate goal is the empowerment and happiness of our people. We believe that success is based on building a team focused on collective well-being, personal and professional development, and based on a work philosophy that enhances the healthy management of our lives.

flavio massano. team ceo
francisco marques. team coo
simão martins. team business manager
tiago machado. team business manager
raquel parente. team business manager
nuno martins. team business manager
luís pires. team people manager
ana trindade. team people manager.
caroline andrade. team people manager
diogo leitão. team people manager
carolina jacinto. team people manager
juliana costa. team marketing manager


We want to develop our work in a sustainable way. We are not looking for #workaholics, we want #teamaholics.


We are experienced but we have the mindset to always keep ourselves open to new ideas. Our goal is to achieve the simplest things: innovating, learning, improving.


Our mission involves the decentralization of the market, the presence in the upper education centers of the interior and support the arrival in Portugal of people from Brazil, Latin America and Asia.


We are living in challenging times. Remote is not an option, it's the new norm. We are moving from big cities to the countryside, to the beach or anywhere else.

TEAMático // podcast launches TEAMático to value remote work, work-life balance and community development.

Team.IT launched TEAmático, a podcast that aims to promote the values of remote work, work-life balance and community involvement.

team values //

What are's values? started operations in 2021, but the values that are in its genesis, and that dictate its identity, have not changed. In a daily delivery, the proposed commitments are honored and professional ethics are ensured.